Vanessa Round an der OL WM 2016 in Strömstad/Schweden

Hier einige Bemerkungen zu Vanessa Rennen, von Vanessa selber und vom Australischen Team:


The women's Middle Championship race saw Vanessa Round leading all of the early starters before she finished 36th.

Vanessa: Quite a clean run but rather on the cautious side as I really wanted to avoid any frustrating mistakes.
Nailed the first three, lost a bit on the 4th being a bit hesitant on the RC (same way as Tove but slower), lost a bit an #9 getting a bit confused by the TV cameras, happy with the long leg to 10, physically got a bit buggered runing across the field, lost time in the second loop by cutting through green which I though was a track and getting a bit confused... Anyway, very happy to keep it down to pretty minor errors after a few larger ones in training and at Nighthawk.
In hindsight I think I needed to do more races in this kind of terrain to be able to know where my limits were, and physically I was weaker than the Hungarian girl who I ran a lot with but she made more mistakes.
Always room for improvement..
36th, 7:30 behind. Not my best placing (31st in my first WOC in 2008) but it was def my best individual run and time behind at WOC.
It was really nice to have the fastest time for 30mins after I finished, go to sit on the podium in the leaders chair and get interviewed :) Enjoyed the atmosphere in the finish chute too!
And loved the terrain, at least before the run through, though it was less tough and tricky than I expected.



The Australian Women's team of Kyrstal Neumann, Vanessa Round and Jo Allison has finished 17th.